The journey of a vandal

According to history “the Vandals were an East Germanic tribe that entered the late Roman Empire during the 5th century” so what we are going to publish here? “The Vandal” hopefully enteres the empire of virtual guitar amplification in the beginning of next year. But why should anybody look for another Guitar Rig, Revalver, Overloud, AmpFarm, Nigel, Amplitube etc.? Because we are using all of them and we found out, that according to sound, usability and performance we are not satisfied. So putting together product specialists, designers, engineers, guitarists and developers to such a product was very easy because we´re all “kicked” by the idea of creating something really special, something really new: amplification with soul.

Our ideas are based on the product experience and needs in the real life of engineers and musicans. Turning a knob in a boring and “dumb” software should generate the same unique feeling like touching a chicken head on the favorite amp. Placing FX should be as fast and funny like pluging a stomp box on the stage or a rack unit in the studio. And of course you should be able to control your 33 “vandalized” guitar tracks while having more than 50% power of your old CPU left for other FX and instruments. And the key for everything: a perfect sound in one guitar and one bass amp multiplied with the endless possibilities of a software, so that one amp can be class ABC incl. 3 channels togehter with an arsenal of stomp boxes and superb post FX. A dream? Maybe, so please follow our documentation, sounds & videos and take part in a journey while we are creating a real “Vandal”.

Vandal – boost with soul


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