How it all began… part I

The first steps of VANDAL were small. Cautious. Volatile. Misleading. But yet tempting.
The ‘project’ wasn’t even meant to be one, initially. A happy accident, from which something more mature evolved.

The story begins in Summer 2008. I was adding new algorithms to my DSP toolbox, for performing basic ‘multi-fx unit’ tasks, and to include them in various main projects. I thought it would be fine to add something like a small ‘virtual guitar amp’ effect to the list of available fx.

This amp’s interiour was laughable simple: first, a virtual tube stage as preamp (including 4x oversampling at 44/48k), with a bit of prefiltering to cut off unwanted lows & highs. Second, a simple biquad-based dual shelving control as post-clipping eq. Third, an output volume knob.
A very simple eq network followed, acting as a virtual 4×12″ cabinet. At least, that was the master plan.

This ‘prototype’ was hacked together as a proof-of-concept VST fx, where the GUI was borrowed from a recent main project (a synth having two of those multi-fx slots).

multi-fx dsp prototype

multi-fx dsp prototype

Here’s a short audio snippet. Mind you, I’m mainly a bass player and struggle hard with the small dimensions of a guitar fretboard, so the sonic outcome is highly questionable… but thing sounded like a day at the dentist anyway…:


Holy crap.
At this stage, nobody else but me ever touched this plugin. I’m glad about that šŸ˜‰

Let’s leave quickly and jump to part II


One Response to How it all began… part I

  1. vandalamps says:

    WouldnĀ“t it be a funny idea to let everybody touch that prestage fx? just to play around or to produce “the worst guitar track ever” or … anything else – be creative :-).

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