GUI evolution

Some things go pretty fast actually.

Screenshot Dec 05, 2008

We really had a clear idea of how VANDAL should look like. Certainly not like any other guitar modelling software. Unique, but simple. Easy on the eyes.
Sure, one quickly argues about details as soon as more people get involved into the project. But as the following pics show, only small things got changed as we moved along:

screenshot 13.10.08
Screenshot Oct 13, 2008

This is still the draft GUI version. One shouldn’t let developers do any UI drawing…
However, it is a fast way to get started and let the UI designer become familiar with the project.

But before we could start with all the fancy frontplates & controls, we had to visit our folks at the render factory. They left their engines on at night, and this is what we got the next morning:




Okay, some parts were definitely of use for us 😉

screenshot 07.11.08
Screenshot Nov 07, 2008

The first ‘real’ UI. Some of the stomps that we planned are already drawn,as well as the amp, the cabinet simulation etc.
The post-fx section and the upper ‘console’ were still subject to change. Especially with the console view (for presets, the tuner etc.), we were pretty f***ed first as we didn’t know quite how to arrange all the needed controls without blowing it all up.

Screenshot Dec 05, 2008
Screenshot Dec 05, 2008

This is the most recent design to date.
The upper ‘console’ view has been reworked. There’s still sort of uncertainty because some of the planned features are just on our mind and not coded at all.
Small changes have been made to the cabinet section, too. During sound testing, we felt there should be an option to choose from on/off-axis mic placement. First algorithmic approach to seamless blending between these states has been done. Changing the UI was a no-brainer, the DSP part is certainly not…

In the post-fx section, we’ve discarded the ‘touch screen’ buttons for switching the fx units’ state (on/off). We re-used the blue on/off buttons that we came up with in the other sections.
‘Please re-use controls wherever you can’, they said at the factory. ‘It’s cheaper.’ Well, then.
The overall behaviour of all LC displays is now: dimmed when off & fullly lit when on. Let’s hope the EL backlight panels don’t break after a couple of months. I’ve seen those die like flies on various rack gear…

What’s left to do: tons of stomp fx… and a bass amp. I want the one below 😉



One Response to GUI evolution

  1. theuiguy says:

    So you´ll get it soon.
    The only thing is… how to do the knob animation here. =)
    By the way, we got a mascot now!

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