Listening tests – part I

We could have long and exhausting talks over guitar amplification and such. But that’s pretty pointless if one doesn’t hear how things do actually sound.

Here are a few snippets of ‘VANDAL in action’, played by the brilliant Dimitar Nalbantov (

Amp + CabSim dated Nov 13, 2008:

Dimi: “Sounds Great!!!
On this audio I’m switching the cabs and the preamp modes. It sounds great! For me of course :)”


Yes, way better than the previous version, I think. But I *know* there’s room for improvement…

Nov 12, 2008:

After a tiresome model-tweaking session and 1478 compiler runs…:

“101 times better than the previous version!!!
I love it now!!! 🙂 Just did A/B comparison with the IR that I sent you.
Now the presence and the overall timbre is great!
Great job! “


Well, but it’s only 1 speaker and 1 enclosure. The others need to be changed too… and we haven’t even thought of on/off axis…

Nov 11, 2008:

“Just want to tell you that there is really nice thump and low end response when playing and palm muting
Even playing legato technique the fingers tap produce some very low thump and low frequencies.”


Great, but the cab sim is still very scratchy. Hmm…

Nov 10, 2008:

“OK, the good thing:
The amp reacts and sounds great!!!!. I love the voicing!!!
I can dial very different sounds. The attack is MUCH better than Revalver. It has different and unique feeling…
I love the clean channel!!!

The bad: is the voicing of the cab speaker. I love the controls and everything . But it sounds too processed in the presence frequencies. Most of the POD speakers and a lot of the current Floor Pedals has that “two much processed” sound. Its something in the mids… and they are the most important.

I have tried a lot tweaking and I have found close sound to that IR but it still need something…”




Man, you’re right. Something we need to get nailed soon…


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