Bass Amp Redesign & Sound Clips

We’ve made some slight changes to Vandal’s bass amplifier recently.
It’s still an all-tube design, coming with 3 tube gain stages in the preamp section and delivering a fat tone through the push/pull pentode power amp stage.
Here’s the new pot layout:

bass_amp02So, we’ve changed the preamp a bit: Now, the signal first enters the first gain stage, then can be shaped via the ‘contour’ knob (kind of loudness / lower mid dip; an interactive / passive filter network), then gets some compression.
The compressor is a FET-based feed-back model, similar to some stomp designs or vintage studio rack gear. It’s ultra-transparent and musical; you can kick it hard and it still doesn’t do strange things.

The ‘drive’ control feeds an extra tube stage for extra harmonics and extra oomph 🙂

The EQ section is a split design: a passive low/high baxandall network followed by an active 2-band mid control. All filter slopes are 6dB/oct, which in our opinion is the best compromise between being versatile and retaining the character of your bass guitar.

Here are some audio clips:

basstest_dry (VANDAL completely disabled. A bit of silly & aimlessly fingered playing)

basstest_vandal (the amp setting from the picture above)

basstest_vandal_chorus (VANDAL’s stomp guitar chorus in front of the amp)


Here’s a clip by Dimi, certainly in a more sensible context: 😉



2 Responses to Bass Amp Redesign & Sound Clips

  1. pough says:

    So is it a single amp plugin with two different modes: guitar and bass?

  2. vandaldev says:

    Yes, that’s right. You can choose from two different amps, ‘custom’ types, if you want.
    The rest of the package contains stuff for both instruments; guitar stomps, dedicated bass stomps, various post-amp multi fx.
    The cab sim allows for freely assembling your ‘custom’ cabinet: choose a guitar speaker with a bass enclosure or the other way round, put a 10″ in a 4×12″ enclosure… tweak it… no problem.

    So, it’s not a question of ‘modes’. Vandal offers quite a bunch of flavours, more than one might think of at first glance 🙂

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