New stomp pedals under construction

We’re currently about to finalize the code for the upcoming VST version of the Vandal plugin and managed to include a couple of new stuff. Here’s a pic of what recently was added to our effect pedal collection:

New modulation effects, dynamics, filter stuff, delays, etc.

These stomps are as thoroughly modelled and programmed as every other part in the plugin, so not just a bunch of cheap off-the-shelf algorithms. Each of them is capable of recreating the naturalness and unique sound texture associated with stomp box fx as usual.

More news coming soon.


2 Responses to New stomp pedals under construction

  1. ashleysmith09 says:


    I have been pointed here via my friend Dimi (of whom has done demo’s for you).

    How does one get in touch with the vandal amps company? I have been unable to find contact details here.

    I’d very much like to join the beta team for testing the VST and other formats. I have a wealth of experience in this field having tested for many a company for 10+ years – Digidesign, FXpansion, Overloud, Native Instruments and more…

    Please feel free to e-mail me. I am very interested in the product and would like to help.


    Ashley Smith

  2. ashleysmith09 says:



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