Vandal VST / AU: Official website launched

We’ve finally managed to launch the new Vandal VST & AU plugin website! 🙂

While this blog will be kept updated with any non-marketing stuff, such as ongoing development details, will probably your first point of interest concerning product orders, demo downloads, updates, additional presets and such.

We also have a bunch of audio & video files ready for you to listen to and watch. Within the next weeks/months, we’ll set up more content, providing more presets, additional videos etc.

We’d like to encourage everybody to get in contact with us, especially if you’re using the Vandal plugin and made cool presets or audio/video demos that we could post. If we can find you & Vandal on myspace or youtube, let us know as well. We want vandalamps to be as alive and vital as the plugin itself.
See ya! 🙂

3 Responses to Vandal VST / AU: Official website launched

  1. Where can i download Vandal Amp Demo, (not SAMPLITUDE).
    could i have a direct link please. Mitch.

  2. vandaldev says:
    -> lower left corner (“Download now”)

  3. bolandross says:

    Hey there,

    I wanted to give Vandal a try, but it seems like the UI doesn’t like Mac OS X Mountain Lion in conjunction with Ableton Live. I tried VST and AU, but the UI just won’t appear. Any ideas on how to solve this one?

    Best regards,


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