Coming up next – fat spacy spring patches

October 21, 2010

We have been busy, as always.
OK, we’re not heading for 1123 stomp boxes. We can’t guarantee the same quality for all of them. So we went for just a few, initially. Hm… we’re now at 24 or so. Seems the program is maturing, evolving, as we move on.

The last weeks, 4 new stomps saw the light of day, all quite original approaches, no copycat-lookalike stuff:

new stomps



The bass distortion has pre- & post shaping, ready for deep fuzz as well as super-transparent growl. Kicks some bottoms, definitely.

The tube compressor is not a cheap compressor circuit with a waveshaper/distortion feature…. naaaahh. It’s indeed following those ancient variable-mu design principles, where a (push-pull) tube circuit compresses the audio by varying its own amplification factor (mu, µ). But you can drive it greatly into mild overload, and achieve massive & fat tone. Sometimes, it won’t even sound overly  compressed, although it is. Weird.

TwängBäng is… guessed it: a spring reverb. Bäng. Sprooing. Pssshhhh. Full vintage.

Spacecake… Trippy little thing. Just two multitap delay lines, but they can do reverb, arranged in a crazy internal fashion, with lots of smear, micro-detuning, feedback, howl, flutter, you name it.

We’re currently testing all that s**t. We’ll be thorough, so it’ll perhaps take some time.

Also coming up next is the new ‘patch list’ architecture, on top of the preset mechanism. Consider you sending midi programs from outside… there, the trouble begins: what preset to load?

new midi patch list architecture

With the patch list, it’s dead-simple: just map an arbitrary preset from the disk to any of the 128 programs, save the whole list, and you’re done. You can even create unlimited lists. Ideal for those gigging every night, but having slighly different set lists.

Other aspects of midi control have also been greatly enhanced, such as scene control or midi cc handling. On schedule next for heavy testing.

new preferences page

More info coming soon.