Don’t imitate. Decorate!

Today, we’re not talking about sound at all.  Time for some eye candy.

Vandal with some custom 'carpet' & amp overlay images

OK, we all know, Vandal qualifies pretty well for the term ‘custom amplification’. It’s got enough of what it takes for that job.
Now people can go a step further and skin the thing a bit more to their liking.
With the next version, we allow for putting ‘overlay’ images over the stomps’ carpet as well as the guitar amp’s front cover. Using maximum opacity and an image of the same size, you can even fully replace carpet & amp cover.


The plugin accepts PNG files, with transparency. All you have to do is create a nice image, put it into a dedicated folder choose it from the list.

Imagine the plugin popping up with your band or studio logo. Or with a polaroid of your girl. No… we *don’t want* to know… 😉

We might provide a bunch of nice images on as soon as time allows. Although… probably no girls.

3 Responses to Don’t imitate. Decorate!

  1. Hello 🙂
    Any reason not to let the users have 100% access to the graphics, so they could have 100% control over them to satisfy their design needs 100%? Just asking.

    …well unless you are afraid the graphics are stolen and used for other programs… But is that really a big deal?

    With respect.

  2. vandaldev says:

    It’s not my paranoia, it’s more the fact that we see our graphics work as the result of hard sweak & tears, and somewhat as ‘art’. They’re intrinsically tied to the product, it all makes up the concept.
    The whole idea of vandal was originally to come with something special, so that might be polarizing to some respect. But it’s just the way the product is 🙂

  3. Allright. It’s your call. cheers.

    “our graphics work as the result of hard sweak & tears”
    Best amp sim graphics out there imho.

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