‘Does it sound better the other way round…?’

Ok ok ok… we admit, the fixed stomp effects layout was quite annoying in Vandal. You couldn’t just quickly try out different combinations.

Now, it’s easy as 1-2-3. Just grab a stomp and move it around.

Coming in the next version.

37 Responses to ‘Does it sound better the other way round…?’

  1. todoguitarra says:

    I have recently discover a serious bug in VANDAL. Is When you insert the pluging into a host and save a preset, then save everything else and close host. When reopening host and pluging, recalling the preset VANDAL reacts very weird, sound come and goes like a sort of a fade out fade in thing, all the knobs in GUI are like at maximun settings and they do not respond at all, VANDAL is like out of control. All you can do to fix it is to delete the plugin from host, insert it again and load preset. This happens randomly so you never know when it is going to happen. This is too bad specially if you want to use VANDAL in a live situation which I do often. VANDAL is great in terms of sound quality and playability, it feels just like the real thing but this is a serious dropdown in performance as well as that loud noise when changing presets. I hope this comment will be read and do efforts to solve this bug.

  2. vandaldev says:

    Erm… that’s not a bug, mate. We’ve heard the crack reacts that way. Are you sure you’re using the legit version? 😉

  3. Sooo… when is the new version comming out? Haven seen any news for months….
    Are updates free for the ones that already payed?

  4. vandaldev says:

    Sure, updates are free.
    Lately, we’ve been working on the Mac version where the code needs to be synchronised with the PC counterpart. It was also the reason why we had to put in-between releases on hold, as we don’t want code bases drifting apart.
    But we also work on new stuff for the coming Samplitude 12 (scheduled for this summer), so currently we don’t have 100% for the Vandal project. And it’s vacation time right now…
    There wasn’t even time to update this blog, but you can be sure we’re working hard beyond the scenes as much as possible 🙂

  5. Can’t control Vandal_VST via MIDI. It seems that Vandal couldn’t see external MIDI controller at all! How can I define (Samplitude 11 as host) MIDI to control Vandal, in particular, change scenes via MIDI program change? Vandal is loading in Audio Track, this kind of track is not controlling via MIDI, isnt’t it? Vandal’s MIDI LED never indicates. How can I force Vandal to respond to my MIDI equipment?

  6. vandaldev says:

    The problem might be you’re not setting up the midi routing in the right way.
    Please look at this video:

    It explains exactly the steps in Sam11 for setting things up. The basic trick is that you need two tracks:
    1) The audio (whether pre-recorded or live input), with vandal on an insert
    2) A second, midi track (hit ‘midi’ in the track editor). Choose your controller as the input device, and Vandal (on track 1) as the output device.

    Set both to monitoring (with live guitar input), at least on the midi track. Notice that you need the hybrid engine running (track FX mode or mixer fx mode).
    Give us a shout whether that works out for you or not.

  7. OK, thanxxx a lot! It’s working in Samplitude!
    How I can do the same in Sonar (if it possible)?

  8. What about with ABLETON LIVE??. Would like to know how to change presets via MIDI Program Change messages within LIVE 8

  9. vandaldev says:

    That’ll be possible in the next version which will feature the new patch list scheme.
    Already in the Samplitude-internal version, VST/AU is overdue…

  10. OK, fine but WHEN is VST new version comming out. We`ve waiting for about a year…

  11. vandaldev says:

    Yes, sorry for the delay. This wasn’t intended, but we had to shift priorities a bit here. Currently, we’re in the process of migrating the Win version to 64bit. When this is done, we’ll provide new win & mac versions at once. Otherwise, we’d end up with version of different code states and versions, which we don’t want, for the sake of transparency.
    I do hope that’s still this autumn. We’ll hurry up 🙂

  12. It is winter now and still waiting for Vandal’s new version… When??

  13. vandaldev says:

    We got most parts of the plugin ported to 64bits now. So we’re getting close.
    So many projects, so little time, and soon it’s xmas… we’ll hurry up.

  14. Patience people. The version you currently have is awesome as is 😀

    Anyway, is there a place I could read the list of all the new features for the coming new version? Thanks.

  15. vandaldev says:

    Not yet. But in a nutshell (also to memorize myself here…), these are/will be:
    – drag&drop of stomps
    – customizable ‘carpet’ & guitar amp cover
    – new stomps:
    — spring reverb (perhaps among the most authentic ones!)
    — multitap delay/verb (real spacy stuff)
    — bass distortion (very versatile due to dual filtering)
    — tube compressor (vari-µ design)
    — bass synthesizer (real fat classic analog sound), TBA, currently working on the tracking
    – completely reworked midi scheme, new ‘patch list’ architecture
    – improved output limiter
    – improved plate reverb
    – tons of bugfixes, including a lot of GUI-based stuff on the Mac variant
    – available as 32 & 64bit version

  16. Yes current version is fine but I really need to be able to change presets via MIDI Program Change messages within Ableton Live. How do I do It ???

    Otherwise I’ll be forced to use another guitar sim plugin for my next gig touring which begins on february 2012. I REALLY want to gig with VANDAL

  17. fusikay says:

    now one year is past since anouncing the update.

    I want know when will it finally release too. or must complain only a certain number in people?

    don’t understand me wrong but this is not a good support.

  18. vandaldev says:

    Chances are the update will come within the next 2 or 3 months. We could finally shift priorities here. Win x64 version runnning fine so far. Next step is finalizing the Mac version.
    Thanks for the ongoing interest. Much appreciated.

  19. Hi there.
    Would it be really hard for you guys to make a vandal executable, so it would be easier to use live?
    I mean, it would be just a minihost that hosts the VST, and displays the GUI… 🙂

    Btw, I’m really happy to know that the new version is soon.
    You guys rock.

  20. How to switch scenes via MIDI?

  21. Still no VANDAL update. More than a year for developing a software update. That’s too much time… I stopped using it… Changed to newer technology.

  22. Hi, I’m new to amp sims and I really like what I see in Vandal. I was wondering though, with all this talk about a new update. If I purchase Vandal as it is now, will I have to pay for the new version/updates, or will I get them automatically?

  23. What newer technology?

  24. todoguitarra says:

    I quit using VANDAL. Update never came while other softwares are contanstly improving

  25. I still find Vandal to be the best out there.

  26. Not really. Try Scuffham S-Gear. You’ll be suprised

  27. Hey MAGIX guys what happened with the update. We’ve been waiting for two years. It’s a shame…

  28. “Try Scuffham S-Gear. You’ll be suprised”
    It has a great sound. Not better sounding then Vandal, just different. But it really lacks features and the design looks amateurish in comparison to Vandal and I don’t like that I can’t set the noise-gate to be the absolute zero.

    Vandal could really use a “live” version. Full screen, for live performances :3
    Basically all it needs is an edition, an exectuable (simple host) of the aspect ratio and bigger image scales, so it could scale to the screen without pixelation.

  29. Freebbies such as AcmeBarGig and LePou are also amazing amp sims. And yes, you can turn noise gate of in S-Gear there is a switch or an option to do so. Don’t remember exactly where it is but it is possible. I was hard to find it but finally I found it

  30. Lepous are great, but I simply cannot find a cab sim as good as Vandal.
    I wish Vandal would make a version of Vandal, where all parts are seperate and the price is devided. For example, Only the cab sim for 1/4 of Vandals price. 🙂 Or free. Even better haha 😀

  31. Hey what happened with the new VST version ????

  32. johnsx says:

    Will this new version ever be released. Last official statement was years ago!

  33. We will be ending 2013 an Vandal VST update will not come.

  34. vandaldev says:


    This update is out for months, at least. Win & Mac 32 & 64 bits. Just click on the trial versions to download the latest installer.

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