‘Does it sound better the other way round…?’

November 24, 2010

Ok ok ok… we admit, the fixed stomp effects layout was quite annoying in Vandal. You couldn’t just quickly try out different combinations.

Now, it’s easy as 1-2-3. Just grab a stomp and move it around.

Coming in the next version.

Don’t imitate. Decorate!

November 23, 2010

Today, we’re not talking about sound at all.  Time for some eye candy.

Vandal with some custom 'carpet' & amp overlay images

OK, we all know, Vandal qualifies pretty well for the term ‘custom amplification’. It’s got enough of what it takes for that job.
Now people can go a step further and skin the thing a bit more to their liking.
With the next version, we allow for putting ‘overlay’ images over the stomps’ carpet as well as the guitar amp’s front cover. Using maximum opacity and an image of the same size, you can even fully replace carpet & amp cover.


The plugin accepts PNG files, with transparency. All you have to do is create a nice image, put it into a dedicated folder choose it from the list.

Imagine the plugin popping up with your band or studio logo. Or with a polaroid of your girl. No… we *don’t want* to know… 😉

We might provide a bunch of nice images on vandalamps.com as soon as time allows. Although… probably no girls.

We can’t get no sleep

April 23, 2010

Well then, the Vandal VST & AudioUnit Plugin is out since almost a month. We’re again (or still?) busy here, refining the current state and including new stuff. We are doomed to 😉

Here’s a quick view on what can be expected next:

Nothing spectacular on the UI, but the small LED saying ‘yes, there’s MIDI coming in‘ shall also serve as an indicator that we take MIDI seriously. We got to finalize certain parts of the architecture somehow, but such things are naturally not that visual.


Another thing we included was having the virtual microphones selectable on & off (now, is THAT rocket science or what???).


And we also added ‘delay’ knobs to the ‘tweak’ view of the cabinet simulation. These let you shift each mic in time to up to 25ms and offers for a vast palette of new sound textures. That can range from slight phasing artifacts to a complete twist of the cab sound. And you can easily create convincing stereo effects this way (engineers call this the ‘Haas effect’). The old ‘mic phase +/-‘ switches were replaced by simple push buttons to flip either phase, as we needed to save space. What was of minor importance before (the phase), can now have a dramatic impact in conjunction with the added delays.

New stomp pedals under construction

December 2, 2009

We’re currently about to finalize the code for the upcoming VST version of the Vandal plugin and managed to include a couple of new stuff. Here’s a pic of what recently was added to our effect pedal collection:

New modulation effects, dynamics, filter stuff, delays, etc.

These stomps are as thoroughly modelled and programmed as every other part in the plugin, so not just a bunch of cheap off-the-shelf algorithms. Each of them is capable of recreating the naturalness and unique sound texture associated with stomp box fx as usual.

More news coming soon.

GUI evolution

December 9, 2008

Some things go pretty fast actually.

Screenshot Dec 05, 2008

We really had a clear idea of how VANDAL should look like. Certainly not like any other guitar modelling software. Unique, but simple. Easy on the eyes.
Sure, one quickly argues about details as soon as more people get involved into the project. But as the following pics show, only small things got changed as we moved along: Read the rest of this entry »